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ALKE Medical Solutions

How much can technology do to improve service delivery in Healthcare? At Alke Medical Solutions we have got the answer to that question. Through our vast experience in designing, deploying and managing IT infrastructures and Solutions in Healthcare Institutions we have proven that Technology in medicine is a vital asset and we have strategically aligned ourselves to be a one stop shop for all Information Technology needs in any Healthcare Institution. With a dedicated team of highly qualified Medical IT Professionals, we have the skills to analyze, recommend, design and implement solutions that can do so much more to improve service delivery in any Healthcare Institution.

By partnering with medical practitioners, we are constantly evolving and developing an understanding of the constraints that come with running a medical institution and the challenges faced on a day to day basis with managing patient data. Today's problems need future focused solutions hence the mandatory need for any healthcare institution to engage a dynamic I.T Solutions company which embraces and keeps abreast with technology bringing about benefits in service provision, communication efficiency and operations cost effectiveness.